DC210 Group - Monthly Meetings (Open To The Public)

    What is DC210?
    DEFCON is the worlds largest computer hacking convention, held yearly in Las Vegas.
    Almost every major city of the world has a DEFCON-Group or DCGroup,
    DCGroups consists of many of the same people who lecture at the convention.
    Both enthusiests and professionals in the technology & security industries.

    Meetings are open to everyone, reguardless of skill set, age, job, or gender.
    Our goal is to help people learn new things, and meet new people locally.

    When do we meet?
    The local DEFCON Group meets once a month on the 2nd Thursday aprox 7pm.

    Where do we meet?
    We are currently in need of a new meeting location. Our old location Thai Corner
    closed in December 2013. Please email suggestions to Syntax at DC210 org.

    What do we do?
    We talk about the latest technologies and the alternative uses for them.
    We demonstrate methods and teach each other skills.
    We collaborate on projects and ideas, offering each other a wide range of expertise.

  DC210 Group - NEWS

    (08/01/14) - Thai Corner did not reopen. Meetings are currently on hold.
    (09/12/13) - First part of the Arduino 101 lectures. Arduino 101 Topics
    (07/04/13) - New Server, New Website. Some parts of the site are still under construction. More to come.
    (06/13/13) - First Defcon Group meeting in a while. Party room has been improved. Lectures on the way.

  Next Meeting

    Thursday August 10, 2017

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