DC210 Group - Arduino 101

    Arduino 101

    Part 1 - Intro To Arduino

    In this lecture we will discuss the design, capabilities & many uses of an arduno. Sub topics will include the Bootloader it runs, the IO pins, power requirements, the different models offered and thier capabilities, pulse width modulation, and the IDE software environment.

    Part 1 - Intro To Electronics

    In this lecture we will discuss the basics of electronics. Common components, resistors, capacitors, transistors, & diodes. We will discuss how they work, what they do, and thier uses.

    Part 2 - Arduino Basics (Input/Output)

    In this follow up lecture to part 1 we will discuss the basics of the IO pins on an arduino, the types of output you can get from them, how to read and write from them, and how to monitor your Arduino using the Serial function.

    Part 2 - Reading Circuit Diagrams

    In this follow up lecture to part 1 we will briefly discuss how to read basic wire diagrams & schematics. What the symbols mean, and some pieces of software that can come in handy when drawing them, or designing a board to get printed.

    Part 3 - Arduino Libraries

    We will discuss arduino libraries, how to implement them, where to get them and how to interface with a few sensors.

    Part 3 - Multimeters

    In this section we will demonstrate basic functions of a multimeter, how to test different electronic components and what the readings mean.

    Part 4 - Building an Arduino

    Once you have mastered developing your projects with a breadboard the next step is escaping the need for an Arduino. We will show you how to program your own chip with the Arduino bootloader, how to design a circuit board with the minimum needed components and demo a working built from scratch unit. We will also discuss how to microsize your project.

    Part 4 - Electronics Math

    In this lecture we will talk about a few usefull calculations. Resistor calculations, input and output, conversions ect. Things that you will definitely encounter while developing projects of your own.

    This is not a complete list of topics. The list will change as the lecture develops and attendees request topics.

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